Makumbusho ya Mikindani

Mikindani Museum

Mikindani Museum

Mikindani – the Film

Mikindani lies on the shores of a lagoon north of Mtwara in Southern Tanzania. In this new film made for Mikindani Museum we can look at life in the town through the eyes of its people.


Mikindani Filming
Ally Hamisi

Approach Films is a North Wales based company creating factual content and documentary films for organisations championing cultural, environmental and charitable causes. Its Director is Freya Williams. She has produced and directed many documentaries for broadcast, including for National Geographic, the BBC and Discovery Science. >

Mikindani Museum is a vital cultural resource that depends on your support. Continued development will benefit the whole community.

The Museum presents the history of our region and celebrates the achievements of our Makonde ancestors. Entry is free.

The Swahili word for museum, Makumbusho, means “a place of memories”. Our collection is brought to life by peoples’ memories of traditional culture and of their places in the town’s community.

For local visitors the displays confirm the significance of their place in the world, whilst travellers from afar gain valuable insights into our lives here.

The museum, with its attractive open-air space, is now ready for further development. Your help is needed.