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What is FESS?

Trade Aid’s Child Equality Project (CEP) has achieved amazing results over the last twenty years for many poor children living in Mikindani. Based on this success, we have embarked upon a slightly different, but very exciting initiative.

Several of our young students have progressed to a high enough standard of achievement to apply to the local college in Mtwara and further afield to study a vocational training course. These courses cover career training in, for example, accountancy, nursing, science and carpentry.

Trade Aid feels that they should be congratulated for their hard work in achieving so much, often against the odds, and encouraged to continue. As in the UK, these students do whatever they can to supplement their tuition fees and living costs by working where possible and in some instances their families can make a contribution to the costs. Many have come so close to their goals, but need a little more help to progress even further.

To “top up” a typical year’s college fees costs about £125 in Tanzania. Broken down, this amounts to about £21 per month for 6 months. If you think you could help a student finish their education by supporting them in this way in 2021, please contact us on info@tradeaiduk.org. We can directly link you to a student, or can just let you know the progress of the project as a whole. Whatever you decide we thank you for your support.

The FESS project has only been running a few months but already we have 8 students being individually sponsored. There are so many other young people in Mikindani needing assistance, so any help you can offer would be gratefully received.

A few of our success stories so far…

Abdulazizi Omary is studying Carpentry and Painting at the VETA institute in Mtwara.

Leila Kasembe is studying Pharmaceutical Science at Peramiho college.

Husna Mkata has been accepted by Iringa University to study Law.

While Chrispeter Achimpota is studying Clinical Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science at Padre Pio college.

We wish them all good luck with their studies.




Trade Aid graduates have gone on to work in and manage similar establishments in larger towns and even overseas.


Trade Aid gives help to local people in Mikindani to enable them to build successful and sustainable businesses.


Trade Aid also runs several projects aimed at preserving the natural environment and maintaining the environmental health of Mikindani.