Our CEP Child Equality Programme has been running for several years now, supporting children from Mikindani through primary and secondary school. 10 of these children are now 18/19 years old and have graduated secondary school.  They have successfully passed the national examination and qualified for places at High Schools outside Mikindani.

Here are Fatuma, Abdallah, Makubuli, Saidi, Mohamedi, Nadhartu and Yasru looking very happy and proud to be embarking on a new stage of their lives at High School. They are pictured with their supplies financed by Trade Aid.

We obviously have younger CEP children progressing through secondary school who will hopefully be as successful.

The cost of funding a young person through the two years of High School is approx £240 per year. If you are interested in helping other young people from Mikindani achieve a higher level of education, please contact pam.field@tradeaiduk.org. A donation of £10 per month over 2 years would finance one student but whatever you can afford to give would help and be very much appreciated. Thank you for any support you can give.