Creating Sustainable Employment

Tim Tanzania

The focus of Trade Aid's work is the town of Mikindani, situated in the southern region of Mtwara - the poorest in Tanzania.

Poverty in Mikindani is endemic. There are very few jobs, no social security system and limited medicines. One out of every five children will not live to see their fifth birthday.

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Tim Dench Case Study

The relatively small size of the Trade Aid projects in Mikindani together with the isolated location means that volunteers have the opportunity to work in many and varied projects - each throwing up their own unique challenges. This makes for a stimulating, motivating and rewarding experience.

“My time in Tanzania was absolutely brilliant and I think about it everyday, the time I spent there ranks very highly in my most rewarding periods of time.”

Like many other volunteers I have returned many times and intend to do so again many Edukaid logo times. Everyone says that when you visit Africa it gets under your skin and it is very much the case for me.

Written by Tim Dench (Volunteer 2003)
Tim Dench now runs his own charity, EdUKaid

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