Creating Sustainable Employment

Len Coleman

The focus of Trade Aid's work is the town of Mikindani, situated in the southern region of Mtwara - the poorest in Tanzania.

Poverty in Mikindani is endemic. There are very few jobs, no social security system and limited medicines. One out of every five children will not live to see their fifth birthday.

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Len Coleman Case Study

“When I left Tanzania, after my year there, I kept in touch with many friends and staff in Mikindani and have been back every year since.”

Although the role of volunteers has changed with time the overall experience has remained much the same.

For me, the unusual experience of living in this poverty-stricken but beautiful part of the World with some of the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met has destroyed the myth of Africa as ‘the heart of darkness' and changed me profoundly as a person.

In addition to the memories I have, the volunteer experience has opened my eyes and given me new skills, confidence and a perspective that I would otherwise have missed.

Written by Len Coleman (Volunteer)

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